Monday, July 22, 2013

Chicken Therapy

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Chicken Therapy, what can that possibly be? It is the profound sense of simple, natural, organic feeling that comes over a person while they enjoy watching chickens just being chickens in the yard. It doesn't even have to be your own yard, Chicken Therapy can be done in other peoples' yards too. The main component to Chicken Therapy is the chickens, the rest sorts itself out. 

Has this Village Girl gone crazy? Do you feel at peace when you just take a few moments out of your busy day and just enjoy your chickens? They are scratching in the yard, laying eggs, chasing each other for a prized worm or spaghetti noodle.  Chickens are chickens no matter the world events or crazy day you have had. They are simple reminders that life goes on about us. 

Chickens are being use as therapy animals for a wide range of ailments. From children with autism to group homes for people who suffer from memory impairment disorders such as dementia, chickens are helping people to connect with animals and each other. They are scratching about yards and bringing a sense of calm and comfort to the lucky people who get to watch over them. Chickens bring about a nostalgic feeling to our older generations who may have grown up with a flock and a new sense of awe to the younger ones. The care of chickens also bring teaching moments, responsibility and routine to people who need this to thrive. 

We have had a run of hot humid weather here in Michigan. The kind where you are so busy making sure everyone has shade, cool clean water, and maybe some frozen berry treats to help cool them down, that you can tend to forget to enjoy your birds. Today, the weather has broke a bit and this morning was just plain beautiful. The sky was blue, the white fluffy clouds dotted what look like a never ending sea of clear blue. My Ladies, were out in full force, they were scratching and hunting up bugs. Occasionally a call, a soft cluck, would alert the flock to a tasty morsel that someone had found. Inevitably, my goofy girl, a Silver Laced Polish, ran about all confused when she realized the other ladies left her. Moral of the story is it was peaceful. I can relate to the calm that these birds bring to people.  

Chickens as therapy animals can bring a sense of peace to your life. Sure, we love the eggs, the pest control, the droppings in our compost, but there is another benefit to keeping chickens and that is the peace they can bring to ones life. The soothing sense of calm, a reminder to slow down and smell the roses. Take a moment to just watch your birds scratch about the yard. Chicken keeping is just good for the soul. 

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